WCTE Announces “Day of Giving”

On August 21st, WCTE will be celebrating 41 years of broadcast service to the Upper Cumberland.
During those 41 years of service, WCTE has provided live sports coverage, local storytelling, national
speakers and educational engagement to the community like no other. WCTE’s mission is to establish
lifelong learning and cultural storytelling by connecting the Upper Cumberland to the world and the world
to the region.
WCTE invites you to celebrate 41 years of service to the Upper Cumberland and help secure the next 41
years by making a donation to the WCTE Education Endowment Fund. Your gift to the endowment will
support WCTE’S ongoing educational initiatives for at-risk children affected by poverty who do not have
the early learning tools necessary to be school ready. It’s easy to do, just text Give2WCTE to 44321 or
go to wcte.org and make a contribution. Your support, no matter the amount, will help ensure that the
educational needs of our children are met.
The WCTE Education Endowment fund was established in 2018 and year-to-date has raised close to a
quarter of a million dollars. The fund has a progressive goal of raising one-million in five years. Money
raised for the endowment’s principal will not be touched, but forever be in perpetuity. All money raised on
this one day will go into the WCTE Education Endowment.
Rural Upper Cumberland communities face a large number of at-risk children affected by poverty than
more urban communities in Tennessee, and because of this, there is a higher number of high school
dropouts, incarcerations, opioid addictions, homelessness, and generational poverty. Many children in
the Upper Cumberland are isolated, have limited resources, and lack education.
Over time, generational poverty creates disheartening challenges. It limits the quality of the workforce,
decreases job diversity, lowers income levels, and increases the number of children living in poverty.
Your support on this Day of Giving will ensure that WCTE’s work continues and that together we are
making the necessary changes to ensure that all children have the tools for school readiness, the
resources to ensure a productive and prosperous future for their families and our community.