Officials Investigating Threat At Cookeville High School

COOKEVILLE, T.N. — Officials are investigating after a note was found in a restroom at Cookeville High School that contained a threat involving a school shooting.

The note said the shooting would take place on December 2nd at CHS.  The school’s emergency response team and the school’s resource officers investigated the threat.  At this point, officials say there is no evidence that this is a credible threat.

Out of an abundance of caution, the school will increase security as an additional safety measure.  Below is the message that was sent to parents after the note was found in the bathroom:

Good afternoon CHS parents,

A note was found in one of our restroom stalls by the night custodial services indicating a threat involving a school shooting at Cookeville High School on the first Monday in December (Dec. 2nd). Our School Emergency Response Team (SERT), as well as school resource officers, have investigated the threat. At this point, there is no evidence that this is a credible threat. Out of an abundance of caution, we plan on increasing security at school as an additional safety measure. Our staff will make every effort to ensure a safe and productive school day. We strive to be fully transparent and strive to effectively communicate with our school community, parents and all stakeholders. We will continue to investigate the situation. If there is further information we will disclose it immediately.

The CHS administration would like to take this opportunity to encourage students to reach out via the anonymous reporting app, StopIt, if any student has information that would help in identifying the person leaving the note.

While we certainly do not enjoy sending this type of message to our students, staff members, and families before leaving for an extended holiday break, we do want to be transparent with everyone in our care. We have many reasons during this season to be thankful and hope that everyone enjoys a safe and happy break with family and friends.

See you all next Monday!