UHS Explodes on Signal Mountain 45 – 0

Bound for Round 2!

Bees start slow only scoring 17 points in the first half  but exploded for 28 unanswered points in the second half to advance to round 2 of the  playoffs with a 45 – 0 win over Signal Mountain.  Bees play Red Bank next week!

Stringer Squad limited the Eagles to a total of 27 yards , UHS causing 4 fumbles.  Nick Stacey and Caden Nash had 7 tackles each.

On offense, Mr. Football Semi-Finalist Donoven McCallister continued to impress picking up 162 yds on the ground and 154 yds thru the air —Daniel Metzgar and Carter Shanks hauled in 3 passes.

Stats by Curt Warren

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Highlights November 8, 2019

Photos by Lynn Dawson

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