2020 Graduate Shoutouts

Due to Covid-19 and schools being closed, the 2020 graduates are feeling a bit of sadness. They have missed out on a lot of activities that take place at the close of their high school years. If they are involved in sports then they may have missed out on the championship playoffs, receiving yearbooks and having their friends and teachers sign them, prom and even graduation as it is done in a traditional manner. Dressing in that special attire and going out to eat or having a party at someone’s home . . . all placed in the back on their minds and wondering “What would we have done?”

Under these circumstances, Upper Cumberland Reporter is asking you to send us a photo of your graduate (name, school, and anything they have accomplished or done that they would like remembered) to:

uppercumberlandreporter@gmail.com and we will give them a shoutout.

Congratulations to Kaylee Harris who graduates from Monterey High School.

Elexius LamsonKaylee Harris - Monterey HIgh SchoolKrissie Burton - 2019 - 2020 Football Queen; Manager and Student Aid for Upperman High School for 4 yearsMya Ruch - DeKalb County High School