Power of Putnam And Cookeville Police Department Complete Alcohol And Tobacco Compliance Checks

From press release:

Power of Putnam in partnership with the Cookeville Police Department recently completed alcohol and tobacco compliance checks at 44 Cookeville businesses.  These checks are to determine whether clerks are properly verifying legal age before selling alcohol or tobacco products.  With close police supervision an underage buyer attempted to purchase alcohol or tobacco at these businesses.

Coalition Director Bill Gibson said “These checks are an important part of our strategy to reduce youth substance abuse, as many youth report being able to purchase alcohol and tobacco directly from retailers in Putnam County.”

Thirty-six of these businesses properly checked the id and denied the sale based on the buyer being underage.  These businesses were given a certificate of appreciation for their good work in following the law.  Clerks that made illegal sales are given the opportunity to attend a specialized class to enhance their skills and gain a better understanding of the importance of properly verifying age before making a sale.

Power of Putnam brings together community members concerned about substance abuse and addiction to deploy effective strategies to reduce these problems and to help make Putnam County a safe and drug-free community.  We partner with many sectors of the community including youth, parents, law enforcement, schools, businesses, media, healthcare professionals, and other state and local organizations to help accomplish this goal.   Everyone is important to this work.

For more information or to be a part of our prevention efforts go to powerofputnam.org or the Power of Putnam Facebook page.


Location Address Pass/Fail
Smokes and Beverage 2305 Dodson Branch Rd. #A Pass
T-Mart 1205 N. Willow Ave. Pass
Super Gas 660 N. Willow Avenue Fail
Mapco Mart 10 N. Willow Ave Fail
WOW Wine & Liquor 36 S. Willow Ave. Pass
McGugin’s Shell 98 S. Willow Ave. Pass
South Willow Market 1040 S. Willow Ave. Pass
McGugin’s South Shell 1175 S. Willow Ave. #A Pass
Exxon 1101 S. Willow Ave. Pass
The Bread Box Shell 1090 S. Willow Ave. Pass
The Bread Box 850 W. Jackson St. Fail
Liquor World 837 W. Jackson St. Pass
Marathon 1110 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
7-Eleven 1040 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
Discount Wine & Liquor 831 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
Happy Hour Wine & Liquor 601 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
McGugin Shell 55 N. Washington Ave. Pass
Crown Wine and Spirits 1030 N. Washington Ave. Pass
Speed Mart 711 E. 10th St. Pass
The Breadbox Shell 931 E. 10th St. Pass
American Wine and Spirits 923 E. 10th St. Pass
Freedom Discount Tobacco 932 E. 10th St. Pass
JP Market 1875 N. Dixie Ave. Pass
Sunoco 1200 Browns Mill Rd Pass
Super Truck & Travel Plaza 1750 Salem Road Fail
Mike’s Market 2096 Highway 70 E Pass
Buck Mountain Market 2509 Buck Mountain Rd Fail
Dollar General 1742 E. Spring St. Pass
Beverly Hills Market 1593 E. Spring St. Pass
Circle K 1300 E. Spring St. Pass
Gulf 1260 E. Spring St. Pass
McGugin Shell 55 N. Washington Ave. Pass
T-Mart 1009 N. Washington Ave. Pass
Discount Vape 586 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
Happy Hour Wine & Liquor 601 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
Evolve Smokeshop 650 S. Jefferson Ave., Suite 108 Fail
Kountry Kloudz Smoke Shop 850 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
Marathon 979 S. Jefferson Ave. Pass
Pilot Travel Center 1111 S Jefferson Ave Pass
McGugin’s Shell 1099 S. Willow Ave. Pass
Interstate Wine & Spirits 1427 Interstate Drive Pass
Discount Tobacco Beverage & More 696 S. Willow Ave., Suite 8 Pass
Discount Wine & Spirits 696 S. Willow Ave., Suite 7 Pass
Vape Zone 696 S. Willow Ave., Suite 4 Pass
The Holistic Connection 921 S. Willow Ave., Suite D Fail
Saffire Vapor 512 S. Willow Ave. Fail