Scam Alert

PUTNAM COUNTY, TN – People lose a lot of money to scams, sometimes even their life savings. Scammers will use different tactics to cheat you out of your money. They might act friendly and helpful or threaten and scare you. Don’t fall for their tricks.

There are several different types of scams, some include:
– Jury Duty and Warrant Scams
– COVID-19 Scams
– IRS and Social Security Scams
– Charity Scams
– And so much more

Recently, the PCSO has been made aware of a scam related to the UCEMC. Some UCEMC members are receiving calls from scammers warning them that their bill is past due. The UCEMC says, “Beware! We may contact you, but we will NEVER demand personal or financial information.”

Scammers will even “spoof” their phone number to appear as though it is a local number. We are encouraging the public to be vigilant and never give out any financial information over the phone. Sheriff Farris said, “If you’re ever in doubt, hang up and call the sheriff’s office. We’re here to help.”

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