DeKalb County Mugshots June 20 – July 25

Check out the┬áDeKalb County mugshots for June 20 – July 25.

*Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.*

Zackery Lay - Theft of PropertyWilliam Cornett - Holding for Other CountyWesley Thomas - Public IntoxicationWarren Glasby - Violation ProbationWalter Dobson - Boating Under InfluenceVilot Tucker - Violation of Order of ProtectionTyler Longacre - Boating Under the InfluenceTyler Fowler - Holding Inmate for CourtTracy Thomason - Failure to AppearTiffany Rayl - Public IntoxicationTiffany Ford - Holding Inmate for CourtTerrance Harris - Parole ViolatorTara Britton - Failure to AppearStephanie Pierce - Agg AssaultShawn Patton - Violation of ProbationShane Gray - Holding Inmate for CourtSandra Howard - Failure to AppearSamantha Goodson - Shoplifting:Theft of PropertyRussell Summit - Driving on Revoked:Suspended LicenseRussell Brocco - Failure to AppearRonald Reeder - Aggravated Burglary, Domestic AssaultRonald Carter - Holding Inmate for CourtRobin Watson - Failure to AppearRobin Gifford - Public IntoxicationRobert Cunningham - Boating Under InfluenceRobert Atnip - Holding Inmate for CourtRicky Nokes - Evading ArrestRichard Standridge - Court OrderedRichard Dawson - Felony Possession SCH VIRebecca Maxfield - Failure to AppearRebecca Hembree - Failure to AppearPhilip Killmon - Boating Under InfluencePaul Cantrell - Failure to AppearPamela Salas - Aggravated AssaultOrion Ittayem - Shoplifting:Theft of PropertyNoe Perales - Domestic AssaultNicholas Gordon - DUIMisty Gingerich - Violation ProbationMisty Gingerich - Court OrderedMichael Vance - Violation of Order of ProtectionMichael Richmond - Violation of ProbationMichael Johnson - Holding for Other Co on WarrantMichael Brown - Failure to AppearMegan Grooms - Violation of Order Of ProtectionMarv Fullilove - Violation Probation, Attachment Child SupportMarty Tallent - Failure to AppearMarty Lance - Holding Inmate for CourtMarkus Majka - Holding for Another County on WarrantMark Young - Violation of Probation, Holding Inmate for CourtMark Young - Violation of ProbationMark Young - Holding Inmate for CourtMark Cline - AttachmentMarcus Williams - Domestic AssaultMaranda Smith - Failure to Appear, Shoplifting:Theft of PropertyLisa Chancey - Violation of Protection OrderLila Key - Court OrderedKyle Smith - Holding for Other Co on WarrantKerry Parker - Failure to AppearKenneth Mooneyham - Failure to AppearJustin Vandergriff - Court OrderedJulio Bernado - Shoplifting:Theft of PropertyJoshua Puckett - Violation of ProbationJoseph Bragg - Order of ProtectionJose Tecoriche - DUIJohn Stoops - Aggravated Sexual BatteryJohn Connor - Boating Under InfluenceJoe Young - Violation of Probation, Failure to AppearJo Luna - Violation of ProbationJo Ann Luna - Violation of ProbationJimmy Estes - Violation of ProbationJessica Hale - Failure to AppearJessica Hale - Failure to AppearJerry Cantrell - Resist Stop Frisk Halt Search, Violation of Protection OrderJeffrey Watford - Failure to AppearJeffery Sanders - Holding Inmate for CourtJeffery Sanders - Contempt of CourtJay Mulligan - Holding for Another Co on WarrantJason Sturdivant - Resist Stop Frisk Halt SearchJamie Orrand - Public Intoxication, Failure to AppearJamie Orrand - Public IntoxicationJamie Orrand - Failure to AppearJames Matthews - Holding Inmate for CourtJames Hesson - Violation of ProbationHarry McIntosh - Holding for Other Co on WarrantHarold Nix - AttachmentGretchen Lack - Shoplifting:Theft of Property, Criminal TrespassingGordon Rackley - Theft of Property over 10000Ginger Moore - Domestic AssaultFred Dowell - Meth Mfg:Del:Sell:Poss, Fabricating:Tampering with Evidence, Violation of ProbationEtta Clayborn - Assault, Resist Stop Frisk Halt Search, DUIEthan Tittle - Failure to AppearEric Judkins - Holding Inmate for CourtEric Dewayne Judkins - Holding Inmate for CourtEarl Grooms - Aggravated AssaultDustin Sullivan - Failure to AppearDustin Nichols - Holding Inmate for Court, Failure to AppearDionico Tecoriche - DUIDerrick Goolsby - Holding Inmate for CourtDerrick Goolsby - Failure to AppearDennie Henry - Agg AssaultDebra Waldo - Holding Inmate for CourtDavid Scott - Failure to AppearDavid Griffin - Housing for White County, Violation of Probation, Failure to AppearDavid Anderson - Holding Inmate for CourtDaniel Hill - Violation of Order of ProtectionDaniel Aguirre - Failure to AppearCory Chapman - Violation of Probation, Holding Inmate for CourtCory Chapman - Violation of ProbationCory Chapman - Holding Inmate for CourtColver Fuentes - DUIChristopher Lewis - Holding Inmate for Court, Violation of Community SupportChristopher Brumley - Failure to AppearChristie Boulding - Public IntoxicationCharles Woody - Holding Inmate for CourtCharles Fults - Failure to AppearCayetana Gopar - Failure to AppearCassidy Judkins - Holding Inmate for Court, Failure to AppearCandida Davidson - Violation of Order of ProtectionBrian Rogers - Violation ProbationBrandon Dale - DUIBrandi Warren - Evading Arrest, Reckless EndangermentBailey Huck - Poss of a Handgun Under Influence, DUIAubrey Rigsby - Violation Probation, Holding for CourtAubrey Rigsby - Holding Inmate for CourtAshley Mctaggart - Holding for Another CountyAshley Gamble - Failure to AppearAshley Cantrell - Vio Check LawAnthony Hernandez - Holding Inmate for CourtAngie Hawks - Theft of PropertyAndrew Roberson - Boating Under InfluenceAndrew Mark Roberson - Boating Under InfluenceAmanda Chaple - Failure to AppearAmanda Atnip - Failure to AppearAlton Estes - Failure to AppearAlisha Ford - Meth Mfg:Del:Sell:PossAlexander Marks - Boating Under Influence