Cookeville’s Gallagher Signs With USC-Upstate To Play Basketball

by Rusty Ellis

Cookeville senior Cassie Gallagher made it official on Wednesday, as she signed her national letter of intent to play basketball at the University of South Carolina Upstate after graduation.

For Gallagher, it’s a rewarding moment to fulfill her commitment and sign the dotted line.

“I’m excited, and I’m looking forward to (being there) a lot,” Gallagher said. “I’m excited to join the family atmosphere that Upstate has, and just being a part of the next level.”

That environment is the main reason the senior forward made her decision.

“A big part was the family atmosphere, and I love the coaches there,” Gallagher said. “It just felt right, and I love the girls there…I went on a visit this past summer there and I really liked it.”

It’s a rewarding moment for her current head coach Jamie Gillies as well, as Gallagher becomes her first Division I signee in her time at Cookeville.

“Cassie is every coach’s dream,” Gillies said. “She does everything you ask, and she works really hard on her own…it speaks to her hard work and what we’re working for here. It’s neat to be able to play at the highest level, and I have no doubt that Cassie will go and do well there.”

And Gillies reiterates that it should be a seamless fit between Gallagher and Upstate.

“The coach at USC-Upstate was at another school and he’s recruited her for a long time,” Gillies said. “She’s had a good relationship with him and she felt good when she went on her visit…I think she’ll do well there.”

Gallagher has her senior season still ahead of her, but she does say that she’ll miss her teammates and playing for Cookeville when she graduates.

“Being close to home (is something I’ll miss),” Gallagher said. “I love the atmosphere playing here too.”

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