Cookeville’s Agee Signs To Play Golf At MTSU

by Rusty Ellis

Cookeville senior Joseph Agee signed his national letter of intent on Friday morning to continue his golf career at Middle Tennessee State University after graduation.

For Agee, it’s a rewarding day that he’s been looking forward to for awhile now and in his words, he gets to conclude a stressful recruiting process.

“This recruiting process been really stressful, so I’m just really (relieved),” Agee said. “I’m now just excited to see what the future holds.”

As far as why he chose MTSU, Agee says it was the quality that the program offered while still being relatively close to home.

“It came down to them and some out-of-state programs, and they had a lot more than what I expected, facility-wise,” Agee said. “Their facilities resemble those of other top-tier programs…a lot of that intrigued me. They’re a really solid program, they’ve won the conference championship multiple times recently.”

CHS head coach Larry Pitts has spent a lot of time around Agee on the golf course, and he sees MTSU as a perfect fit for him.

“He’s been a hard worker ever since I’ve known him,” Pitts said. “Even when Joseph was coming up, you could just tell he was going to be a good golfer. He does team stuff when we have our team practices, but he’s also got his own agendas for what he wants to work on away from practice…he’s going to be a good addition to MTSU’s program. They’ve had an awesome program for awhile now, and I expect that they’ll stay strong for awhile now.”

While Agee is still learning as a young golfer, Pitts says it’s his ability to self-evaluate that will serve him well.

“He’s still learning the feel of the game, because everything isn’t mechanical,” Pitts said. “He’s still a young guy…especially around the green, it’s more about feel. He’s a great kid, and he works hard. He wants to learn.”

Agee says what he’s looking forward to the most about being at the next level is meeting new people.

“Meeting new people and making new connections,” Agee said. “I’ll miss the high school kind of feel of going out and enjoying the game, especially with the new serious feel it’s about to have, but I’ve been ready for it and looking forward to it for a long time.”

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