4-H Members Compete in Wildlife Judging Events

4-H Members Compete in Wildlife Judging Events

By: Melissa Henry, 4-H Agent

Putnam County 4-H members continues to have success in wildlife judging with another triumph at the region contest. Preparing for this contest took a lot of time and effort on the part of the teams and with help from volunteer leader, Morgin Arms. Wildlife judging involves learning to recognize different animal species native to Tennessee, their habitat and foods they eat. Youth must also learn management practices to create and enhance habitat for those species. The contest involves identifying wildlife species, a written exam and applying management options to a wildlife scenario. The region contest was held at the Phillips Farm just outside of Lebanon. This year almost 100 youth from across middle Tennessee competed in the contest.

In the Junior division, the team of Kinley Arms, Cadence Howell, and Tehya Howell placed 2nd overall. Tehya was 2nd place individual, Cadence was 6th place, and Kinley was 8th place. The team of Jared Shepherd, Nathan Smuin, and Emmett Wilson placed 4th in the contest. Jared was the 4th place individual.

In the Jr. High division the team of Reece DeWispelare, Luke Welte, Katherine Wieczorek, and Bailey Steger placed 2nd overall. Luke was the 1st place overall individual, Katherine was 4th place and Bailey received 6th place. The team of Jacen Houston, Emily Armstrong, and Darin Wieczorek received 4th place. The team of Blake Shepherd, Abi Smuin, Daniel Owens, and Gavin Wilson finished in 6th place.

In the Senior division, the team of Hannah Steger, Emily Welte, Dawsen Arms, and Kiera Wieczorek placed 3rd and will compete in the state contest in June. Hannah was the 3rd place individual and Dawsen was 9th place. The team of Michael Cody, Hannah Bernhardt, Karissa Livingston, and Tim Smuin placed 6th in the contest.

Wildlife Judging is open to all 4-H members in 4th – 12th grades. For more information on becoming involved in Wildlife judging or to sponsor this activity or other 4-H programs contact the Putnam County 4-H Office at 526-4561.


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Photo Captions:

Junior  The Junior teams placed 2nd and 4th in the region contest. (L to R) Emmett Wilson, Nathan Smuin, Jared Shepherd, Tehya Howell, Cadence Howell, and Kinley Arms



Jr High  The Jr. High teams take a break during wildlife judging contest. (front L to R) Darin Wieczorek, Daniel Owens, Katherine Wieczorek, Emily Armstrong (back L to R) Abi Smuin, Reece DeWispelare, Gavin Wilson, Luke Welte, Blake Shepherd, Bailey Steger, Jacen Houston



Senior  The Senior teams placed 3rd and 6th in the contest. (L to R) Karissa Livingston, Hannah Bernhardt, Tim Smuin, Michael Cody, Dawsen Arms, Emily Welte, Hannah Steger, Kiera Wieczorek