Cookeville High School 2016 Veterans Program

 CHS 2016 Veterans Program

The program will be in the CHS auditorium on Thursday November 10th. There are two individual programs on that day 5:30 and 7:30 pm with a reception between the two programs. The program is facilitated by CHS JROTC with participation by the CHS Band, Chorus, and Drama department. All area Veterans and community members are invited to attend.

The cadets in picture 1 are Andrew Loftis, Kim Hall, Lainee Darrow, Jonathon Brown (left to right), and in the front kneeling is Montanah Schopieray.
The cadets in pictures 2 & 3 are Michael Bregenzer, Gabriel Lamberson, Addison Crawford, Harley Hitchcox, Blake Hensley, Patrick McKereghan, Elijah Reed (left to right).
The people in picturees 4 & 5 are cadet Harley Hitchcox, cadet Lainee Darrow, Mr. Shane Cunningham, COL Nickey Philpot, Mr. David Talbert, Student Body President Adelia Birdwell, and cadet Harmon Wattenbarger (left to right around the table).
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Pictures: Number 1 Feature Pic, Number 2 top/left, Number 3 top/right, Number 4 bottom/left, Number 5 bottom/right