Cornerstone Elementary Honor Roll 2nd Semester





























Most Improved for the 2nd semester: Back row left to right: Colten Gunnels 3rd grade, Gracie Gore 4th grade Star Student, Carter Welch 4th grade, Jack Torrence 4th grade Noah Gentry 3rd grade Front row left to right: Lily Shanks, 2nd grade, Hunter Carter 2nd grade, Dalton Grey 3rd grade Star Student

Most Studious Back row: Laine Halfacre 3rd grade Star Student, Brooke Nash 4th grade, Khusi Patel 2nd grade, Mary Gilreath 4th grade Star Student Front row: Alyssa Williams 3rd grade, Jobin Hart 2nd grade, Ava Lee 3rd gradeĀ 

Most Studious: Casey Peden 4th grade







Information/Photos by Roberta Rogers