Man Accused Of Assaulting Mother Of His Child At CRMC

COOKEVILLE, T.N., —  A Cookeville man forcefully attempts to remove keys from the mother of his child as she recovers in the natal ward of Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC), according to a police report.

Susej Riddle, 30, was arrested on the alleged charge of Domestic Assault on May 14. Riddle was visiting the mother of his child when the two began arguing, according to reports. Allegedly, the argument was over Riddle’s use of the victim’s vehicle. The victim stated that she didn’t want Riddle to use the vehicle anymore and he stormed out of her room, according to reports.

Reports state the victim took her car keys while Riddle was out of the room. Allegedly, when Riddle returned he began to yell at the victim and pulled her into a “bear hug” and took her keys away by force. Riddle then, according to reports, grabbed the victim’s phone and shattered it on the ground. A nurse allegedly happened to witness the altercation and called security.

An officer of Cookeville Police Department was dispatched to the scene and met Riddle as he was walking out of the building. Police reports say that Riddle smashed the phone because he was tired of the victim being on Facebook.

Riddle has allegedly been charged with Domestic Assault and his bond is set at a total of $2,000.