Power of Putnam Sticker Shock


Power of Putnam Youth Thrive Ambasadors and alchol retailers  partnered together before Prom to conduct their annual Sticker Shock Campaign.With these sectors partnering, we’re creating a message for adults and youth to know it is illegal to provide alchol to a person under the age of 21 or for a minor to use a fake ID or purchase alchol.

We would like to thank these individual stores for their partnership for Prom Sticker Shock
Monterey- Citgo Convient Mart, Mystik, The Spigot Wine & Liquors and Monterey Quick Stop
Baxter- Citgo, Baxter Bi-Rite, Beer& Cigar Emporium, and Shells.
If a local retail store  would like to partner with Power of Putnam to conduct sticker shock  or to  receive  information on proper ID checking classes please  contact Jennifer Matthews, Assistant Director for Power of Putnam at jennifer@powerofputnam.org


Jennifer Matthews

Assistant Director Power of Putnam