Unregistered Sex Offender Caught In Monterey

MONTEREY, TN — A New York man was arrested after he ran from police and was found to be a non-registered sex offender, according to a police warrant.

Dylan  Osterhoudt, 26, was taken in custody on October 11 after fleeing from police.

According to the warrant, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office sent a detective to Cookeville Regional Medical Center to speak to a juvenile in reference to a sexual allegation. Allegedly, the detective discovered that Osterhoudt was convicted of statutory rape in 2016 of a 14-year-old in New York. On the day conviction, Osterhoudt was not to contact the victim or her family and was listed as a sexual offender.

According to the report, Osterhoudt has been staying with a family he was not to have contact with in Monterey at a local campground. When officers went to speak to Osterhoudt he ran on foot.

Osterhoudt is charged with violation of the order of protection and sex offender registry offense. His total bond is set at $70,000.

Others arrested overnight were:

  • Rachel Thomas 44 of Kentucky, was charged with simple possession and meth-manufacture deliver cell or possession, and her total bond is set at $9000.
  • Jamie Rodgers, 30 of Cookeville was charged with the Domestic Assault. His total bond is set at $1500.
  • Kenneth Phillips, 30 of Monterey was charged with theft of property. His total bond is set at $750.
  • Kasey Miller, 33 of Cookeville was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Her total bond is set at $5,000.