Crossville McDonald’s Drive-Thru Shot With BB Gun

CROSSVILLE, TN – In the early hours of the morning, Crossville McDonald’s employees believe they were under fire when a customer shot the drive-thru window.


On June 4, around 12:50 a.m., business was running as usual under the golden arches at the McDonald’s located on Main Street in Crossville. As a customer, described in an official report as an African American male wearing a white jacket was handed his food and the transaction completed a shot rang out in the restaurant. Allegedly, a large crack was found in the drive-thru window resembling a gunshot entrance.


After police arrived on scene and took the statements of all present an alert was put out to other law enforcement describing the subject. Another officer found a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on I-40W that matched the description of the vehicle from the McDonald’s incident.


The officer pulled over the suspected vehicle and inside discovered an African American male with a white jacket on. According to the report, the officer also discovered McDonald’s sauce packets in the driver’s lap, a full McDonald’s drink in the backseat floorboard and a receipt from the same McDonald’s with a timestamp that put the driver at the location of the shooting. Also in the vehicle, the officer allegedly found a 1911 Crossman BB Gun.


The driver was identified as Trevor Murray, 23. Murray was taken into custody but denied shooting the BB gun.


Officers did review the security footage of the incident and saw a male with a white jacket pull up to the window and receive his food. As the employee who handed the food out the window closed the window and turned the shot hit the window and cracked it.


Murray was taken to the Cumberland County Jail and was charged with three counts of Aggravated Assault, Vandalism and Reckless Driving.