New Monterey Restaurant Giving Landmark A Facelift

MONTEREY, TN — The Monterey classic restaurant Cup and Saucer closed its doors recently and the new owner has big plans for the old building.


A Monterey staple, the Cup and Saucer restaurant opened in the 1940s and officially closed its door on April 16th of this year.


The building was bought by new owner David Louis Caratache who plans to open a Mexican restaurant called Las Agaves. Los Agaves already has several restaurants open in Tennessee as well as Kentucky.


With the old building, Caratache plans to make a lot of renovations, more than he originally planned. Caratache told 94.1’s Tess Simpson, “Well, in the beginning, we just thought it was going to be a matter of replacing the drop ceiling or a wall or two. But when we started we noticed that the whole thing needs to be redone. That’s what we are going to do, we are going to make it basically all new.”


Many projects are on Caratache’s list including changing the outer facade of the restaurant to stone and brick, putting up decorative tile walls, hardwood, tile the whole building and restroom renovations.


Caratache thinks the renovations will take approximately three months.