CHS’ Oakley Signs With Lincoln Memorial For Lacrosse

Story and Photos by Rusty Ellis

Cookeville senior Windle Oakley knows where he’ll be playing lacrosse after graduation, as he signed his national letter of intent to attend Lincoln Memorial on Friday.

“It feels really good to take that next step,” Oakley said. “I’m excited, knowing I’m moving on to better things.”

Oakley’s first experience with LMU was through a Lacrosse camp he attended, one where he says he learned a lot and really learned to love the environment.

“I really just love the campus, and I went up there for a camp and saw all my old teammates,” Oakley said. “They pretty much just threw us in with the team and we scrimmaged them and basically had a practice with the team.”

As a defender, Oakley knows that his size and strength are ultimately what he’ll need the most at the next level.

“Size is a big thing, and I’ve got a lot of length,” Oakley said. “Hopefully just learning the game a little bit more and learning how to be quicker.”

Oakley has formed a tight bond with his teammates at CHS, as he says he’ll miss that along with being home all the time.

“(I’ll miss) being so close to home,” Oakley said. “Always being able to just come right over to the field with all of those guys.”