Buckner Signs With Lincoln Memorial For Lacrosse

by Rusty Ellis

Monterey senior and Cookeville Lacrosse member Liza Buckner took the next step in her athletic and academic journey on Tuesday, as she signed her national letter of intent to play lacrosse for Lincoln Memorial after graduation.

For Buckner, it’s a rewarding moment for her to sign her commitment to a school she loved the first time she saw it.

“I feel good, I’m really happy that it’s finally official,” Buckner said. “I had a couple options and I finally got it narrowed down to a couple schools, and I went on a visit and fell in love with it.”

The environment the campus provides is the main thing that stuck out to Buckner.

“I just saw how pretty it was,” Buckner said. “I got to meet the assistant coach and they were really helpful. I tried on the jersey for the first time…I got to meet the teammates there, and it was just the best fit for me.”

On the topic of fit, head coach Resa Roberts thinks this is the perfect one for Buckner, saying she should have an immediate impact on and off the field.

“She’s the heart of the team,” Roberts said. “She’s the team encourager…she’s going to be an asset to their team. They’re going to be surprised on and off the field, how beneficial she’ll be (for them).”

When it comes to what she’s going to miss about playing for Cookeville, Buckner says it’s the relationships she’s built with her teammates.

“I’ve grown up with these people,” Buckner said. “I’m definitely going to miss my teammates here because I’ve known them my whole life…I’m also excited to meet more new people.”

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