VITAL/Prescott South Students Honored

#VITAL is so proud of the VITAL/Prescott South Integrated Math 1 Distance Learning students taught by VITAL Instructor Lance Key.

They competed in the Regional TMTA Algebra 1 Math Competition at Tennessee Tech on April 12 and placed 4 students in the TOP 10 out of 78 total students competing.
Austin McCowan finished 10th, Ariel Denning was 9th, Brodye Sevens was 8th, and Max Anderson was 4th. All of these students are taught in a #FLIPPEDclassroom environment and use digital tools to complete their class work daily.
Congratulations to all The VITAL/Prescott students for competing and we are very proud of your accomplishments.
List for picture:
Top Picture:
(L-R), Mr. Lance Key (Instructor), Brodye Stevens, Ariel Denning, Seth Wilson, Sam Hauser, Max Anderson, Austin McCowan, Chase Anderson, Kieth Wiley, Jodi Frye, and Montanah Schopieray.
Second Pic with Winners:
Max Anderson, Ariel Denning, Mr. Lance Key (Instructor), Austin McCowan, and Brodye Stevens.