K9 Cain Memorial Funding Accounts

The City of Crossville Police Department has been made aware of various funding accounts that have been created since the recent passing of K9 Cain. The heartfelt community support is very much appreciated. We would like to thank our caring community who have established these funding accounts.

The City of Crossville does provide all of the resources for the Police Department to fund the needs for our K9 division. All of our K9 patrol vehicles are equipped with specialized K9 transportation cages, with auxiliary cooling systems in place.

Additionally, our canines are currently equipped with ballistic protective vests, purchased new, 1 year ago, that will last until 2021. The vests, K-9 Ballistic Vest –
Level II Ballistic Package, are N.I.J. Certified Level II ballistic vests, and are the lightest and most flexible Level II ballistic vests on the market. Although the ballistic vests are very advanced, they can restrict the breathing and movement of an active working canine.

One major issue with a canine ballistic vest is the animal’s inability to dissipate the heat generated while wearing protective equipment, for extended periods. Unlike their
handlers, who can release excess heat via perspiration, the canines, with their thick fur coats, can suffer heat exhaustion with extended use. Therefore, our handlers are
trained to initiate the use of the K9 vest prior to the K9 entering any area where there is a known armed suspect, such as a S.W.A.T.-type of action, just like their human partners. This is especially important for our high Tennessee summer temperatures.

Unfortunately, not every situation can be anticipated or prevented. Any funds received, from any member of the public, for a memorial fund will be applied to the purchase of a memorial monument, which will be prominently displayed to reflect the courage and sacrifice of all of our fallen Heroes,
including K9 Cain.