Local Resident Remembers Easter’s Of Past


I can remember getting up on Easter Sunday and Mom & Dad would have Easter baskets for my brother and I on the kitchen table.  We loved going thru it to see what kind of candy we received.  

We always looked for the plastic egg that you had to unscrew because they always put money in it.  I think $1 was the most we ever got and all the money we got went into a piggy bank.  We then had breakfast, dressed up in our Sunday “go to meeting” clothes.  

After church service, they [the church] always held an Easter egg hunt on the grounds.  Then we would go home and have dinner with our kin folk.  

My Dad has since passed away and Mom is in Assisted Living, but the memories will last a lifetime.  I hope you have those same memories.  

Happy Easter and God Bless.


Skip Overstreet