Mayor Randy Porter Reports on June Building Permits

This is some really great news!!! June was a record setting month in a lot of ways!

June sets an all-time record for the number of permits and total construction cost! Fiscal year 2019-2020 (July-June) also set an all-time record for number of permits and total construction in one fiscal year!!

June had 54 permits for a total of almost $8 million (7.99). Of those 54 permits, 34 were for new single family residential, which also sets a record for the most new home permits in a month. Only 5 of the new home permits were for replacing tornado destroyed homes

The old monthly record of 40 permits was just this past April 2020.

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 (July-June)

Total permits = 357

Total New Homes = 212

Total Construction Costs = $49.61 million

2017-2018 held the previous fiscal year record with 339 permits for $43.38 million

Total number of new homes for 2019-2020 is 212, which makes the grand total since January of 2015, 1,017 new single family residential homes built out in the county. This does not include any construction inside the city of Algood, Baxter, Cookeville or Monterey.

Total Construction January 2015 to June 2020

Total permits = 1,674

Total New Homes = 1,017

Total Construction costs = $207.2 million

Unbelievable month in June for construction. Hard to believe it could get any better, but we continue to set new records. Residential construction in Putnam County continues to boom which is great for our local economy!!

With all the bad news of lately, it’s nice to have some good!

Hope you have a Safe and Happy 4th of July


Randy Porter

Putnam County Mayor

300 E Spring St Room 8

Cookeville, TN  38501