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All District Soccer Star, Sammy Zeino, signs to continue his education and play the sport he loves with Maryville College


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Coach Whitson

Sammy Zeino signed with Maryville College. He is the son of Dr. Merhaf and Tammy Zeino. He’ll be starting his 4th season here at CCHS as a senior captain. He’s made 6AAA All-District Team since his freshmen year. He was noticed by Maryville by playing FC Alliance in Knoxville for four years, three of those years as a state finalist, and attending various summer camps across the state. Sammy is ranked 17th in his graduating class at CCHS.

What I have loved about Sammy since he first came to my program is that he is a fierce competitor. Through his perseverance and work ethic Sammy has been a great role model for his team-mates. I’m extremely proud of the player Sammy has become over the years but I’m even more impressed by the man he has grown into.
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